Observatory Update from the Radio Jove Team in La Rochelle, France

jeudi 6 septembre 2018
par  Jules GUITTARD

Article du "Nasa radio jove bulletin" de juillet 2018, décrivant les travaux de Denis COSTA et Eric PETREQUIN :


Denis Costa of the Lycée Valin in La Rochelle, France sent a report about recent successes with their Radio Jove observatory. As reported in the December 2016 Jove Bulletin, his students built a radio observatory on the campus of their school and were preparing for a trip to visit the Nancay Observatory. In 2018 April, Denis took a second group of students to Nancay and his observatory is now operational. He reports successful reception of solar radio bursts and a Jupiter Io-B radio storm. Congratulations !

JPEG - 380.1 ko Figure 1. A group of students from the Lycée Valin on a tour of the Nancay Radio Observatory.

JPEG - 234 ko Figure 2. The tour of the observatory was led by Baptiste Cecconi (center) and two instructors from the Lycée Valin.

JPEG - 249.8 ko Figure 3. Jupiter radio bursts observed at the Valin-La Rochelle observatory.

JPEG - 349.4 ko Figure 4. Confirmation of the team’s Jupiter radio observations came from the Nancay Observatory radio spectrograms.

nasa radio jove bulletin


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